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Unfinished Journey: The Life and Times of VCRAC Crabbe

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This title is an authorized biography of the Legal Luminary VC Crabbe.

”The life of Justice Crabbe has surely not been all rosy. He has suffered painfully from people who envied and misunderstood him. But through it all, he came out better, fearless and incurably optimistic. We learn from some of his painful experiences recounted in this book that misfortune is only a missed-fortune. We should always believe as individuals and as a nation that the best is yet to come! Clearly, part of his secret for ageing so gracefully is being content with the lot that life grants him and not to carry any negative emotions in his body.

Undoubtedly, his ever-optimistic nature is due to the fact that his life anchored on inalienable spiritual principles which he practised as a yogi and a member of the Masonic Fraternity.”

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About the Author

Kwesi Amoak is a Documentation Specialist, ghostwriter, and journalist with expertise in Creative Education. Apart from The Unfinished Journey: Biography of V.C.R.A.C. Crabbe, he is also the author of The Creative One: Life and Works of Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey, Quest for Excellence: Biographies of 15 Alumni of Legon, Arise Ghana Youth, Social Accountability through Active Citizenship: The Shama Model, and other publications. He has also ghostwritten more than ten books for clients in Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Nigeria and the United Kingdom (UK).

Kwesi is the Executive Director of Mpuntusem Foundation, an NGO which focuses on the documentation of impact stories, relevant historical and cultural narratives.


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