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Birds of Our Land


The book provides fascinating facts about the appearance and behaviour of the birds in their natural habitat. It is packed with interesting activities on how to look at birds, attract birds to compounds and use a bird observation checklist. Using this book to study birds will help children to develop vital observation, communication, and analytical skills as well as a spirit of inquiry and appreciation of the natural world.

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Birds of our land is a beautifully illustrated introduction to birds in West Africa that will delight children and adults alike. Robin Gowen’s brilliant illustrations and Virginia Dike’s poetic description help children discover and identify the most common West African birds ( such as the Kite, Crow and Egret) as well as more unusual ones( such as the Violet Plantain-eater, Didric Cuckoo and Fire-bellied Woodpecker)



Virginia W. Dike


Cassava Republic


Paper back

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