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“Daddy, what are those?”
“Those are escalators. They’re much faster than the stairs.”

Meet Opoku, a bold and daring young boy who goes on an adventure on the escalators at the newly-opened Accra Mall. This funny story will definitely leave you entertained.

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About the author

Adwoa Badoe trained and practiced as a physician in her native Ghana, but since coming to Canada, she has naturally evolved into an author, storyteller, educator, and African dance artist whose vibrant and infectious performances make her hugely popular with children and adults alike. 

Adwoa’s first Childrens book, Crabs for Dinner was published in 1995.  Since then she has published over 14 books including The Queen’s New Shoes, The pot of wisdom and Nana’s Cold Days. She also writes for markets in Africa through Macmillan Educational and Smartline Publishing: Memuna’s Baby, A Wedding Story, Radio Rescue and Street.

She currently lives in Guelph Ontario.


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