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Active English 5 – Coursebook

GHS 63.00

Coursebook features:

• Each unit covers reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, listening, speaking and writing.

• Exposure to authentic texts in a variety of text types prepares students for language in the real world.

• Straightforward instructional design (Show-Explain-Apply) effectively meets the needs of first-generation English learners, making lessons more achievable and boosting motivation.

• All language skills are taught in the context of a theme, allowing for relevant and meaningful learning.

• Activities throughout the units allow for active learner engagement, improving retention and increasing interaction between teachers and students.

• Continuous and comprehensive assessments allow on-going and accurate evaluation of students’ understanding.

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Scholastic Active English (SAE) Coursebook 4 is an English as A Second Language (ESL) program. It uses an effective integrated approach to teaching and learning, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.
Why Scholastic Active English?
1) Adopts an integrated approach to learning English
2) Engages students through relevant topics
3) Uses a Show-Explain-Apply methodology that meets the needs of ESL students
4) Encourages practice and builds language skills and confidence
5) Provides formative and summative assessment to evaluate students’ comprehension
6) Uses a systematic, progressive way of teaching English (make it easier for students to learn English!)




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